1.9.14 Daily Swim Workout

Skipped swimming yesterday – whoops! When I woke up, my shoulder was still giving me trouble, so I dipped out to let it “rest” before I went climbing after work.

Planned on another “long” swim, using a workout from Kiefer (click here to link to it!). I was going to get in the pool by 5:45. I was going to get almost the whole, long, sticking workout done (with modifications, of course. Nobody wants to do THAT much kicking.).

I swam about half of it – 2200 yards, to be exact. Got in late, then took a break about halfway through to catch up with some other swimmers in the pool 🙂

Here’s the workout for today, modified a bit from the original Kiefer workout:

300 swim
300 pull
200 kick

3 sets: 4 x 100, decreasing interval within each set
1 on 1:40
2 on 1:353 on 1:30
4 on 1:25

200 cool down (it was time to hop out!)

TOTAL: 2200 yards

Like I mentioned the other day, I use these non-Master days as a sort of “rest” day, and didn’t swim my 100 intervals as fast I should have been, or could have been. But doing slower intervals gives me a chance to hold a steady pace – in this case, I held a 1:20 pace throughout all 12 100s.

Tomorrow: swim in the morning, maybe run in the evening?
Saturday: maybe swim in the morning, snowshowing in the afternoon!
Sunday: some kind of work – to be determined!

On my to-do list: register for the first meet of the year! Coming up on Sunday 1/19.


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