12.24.13: Wrapping up 2013

The past few months, I have been pretty sporadic in my blogging, for a number of reasons, but I haven’t been sporadic in my swimming. While I may not have been writing, I’ve been in the pool, trying to keep my yardage up and working towards that final 2MIL. So the five people who maybe glance at this blog on a monthly basis might be asking a couple questions (or maybe not, but if you’ve read this far you might as well look at the questions):

Am I close?
Uhm, define close. But the real answer is NO.

Am I almost to 500,000?
YUP! Which means I’m almost a quarter of the way done (literally, 24% at this point in time).
Also, I’m pretty sure this wasn’t a question anyone was asking.

Since there won’t be any more swims this year, I am able to do my grand totals for my swimming. My 2013 total is 360,976 yards swam over the course of 120-some hours (give or take some time, it’s not exact). Which would put my GRAND total at 471, 635 yards over the course of 153-some hours.

It also means that, according to my fancy-schmancy map from  Speedo Pace Club, I am well in to Canada at this point:


On the 26th, Dylan and I are headed out of the country for a much-needed vacation, and not returning until next year (!!). No cell service, no computers, just a beach, a running trail, and all-inclusive luxury. I’m planning to bring a journal, and come back prepared to blog more consistently, prepared to have a race plan for the year, and prepared to share this journey with my followers more intimately. A little journaling will go a long way and I’m looking forward to using the R&R to be a better blogger. I started this blog with a plan, and have not felt like I’ve been executing it well enough.

So until next year, happy holidays from my family to yours:




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