12.5.13: Thursday, and I failed.

Another week of trainings at work and early mornings,  I had told myself I would make sure I would get to the gym every night afterwards.

Monday,  I went out and had dinner and drinks with the group. #fail.

Tuesday,  I came home and watched TV. Tuesday was a long day. I ate leftovers and watched trashy TV by myself. #fail.

Wednesday,  I was supposed to go rock climbing. Well it stormed overnight and stormed all day, so climbing got canceled. But hey,  I still had my gym bag, I could go. But then I made plans for a happy hour. Which fell through. So then I said screw it and repeated my Tuesday. But this time at least I ate salad and not leftover tator tot hot dish. #fail.

I was determined this morning. I was getting to the gym by 6, I was going to swim and run before we went out tonight.

I left work at 6. It took an hour to get home. So I did this instead:


With Penny,  of course:


Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.


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