11.30.13 Post Thanksgiving

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I went for my first run out on the snow. I am up visiting my parents, so it was out on the back country roads I grew up on. I love them and miss them every time I have to run or bike in Minneapolis. So basically everyday I miss this.


Here’s the thing though – that beautiful snow covered road is really just hiding ice, which really just beats my knees and shins up. I ended up going for about 4 miles, which might have been a half mile too far for how little I’ve been running. But I want to do 9 mile run come April so I might as well get used to it since I sure won’t be training for that race on a treadmill all winter long.

Definitely need to get some more outdoor gear though. I saw this great article today that outlines the basics for winter running gear, focusing on women since our bodies react differently in the cold. Check it out if you’ve thought about it at all. There’s something invigorating about running outside in those cold winter temps.

The one thing missing from this article (which will be featured in tomorrow’s article) is information on hats, gloves, and other items for extremities. I prefer a good neck warmer and fleece lined hat, but am still figuring out what kind of gloves I like.


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