11.26.13 Tuesday and the upcoming holiday weekend

I’ve been pretty neglectful towards the pool lately. And working out in general. I know I need to commit to doing some races so that I have something to train for. But because I don’t, I generally just loathe the gym right now. Why?

–It’s cold outside when I leave to go to the gym.

–The pool is cold.

–I hate swimming in the evenings when I can’t make it in the morning. My legs cramp up from wearing heels all day.

–I hate swimming by myself. Who seriously wants to do repeat sets of I.M. by themselves?

–I hate sharing a lane with people. No one knows how to stay on there side.

–Oh, you want to circle swim?  Hell no. I’d rather have swam 2 laps and jump out than share a lane with more than one person.


–I hate the treadmill; it’s really boring. See above regarding the stationary bike.

–I’m pretty sure the treadmill is lying to me about my pace but I haven’t quite figured out how or why. There’s no way I’m running that hard yet so slow. So F you treadmill.


I just reread what I wrote and I’m pretty pissy right now.


This weekend is Thanksgiving weekend so we are headed back to Wisconsin for a long weekend. I don’t think I’ll be able to go swim – I’m not sure the pool is even open – but I am planning to bring my cold weather gear and give cold weather running another shot. Ever since I started the inhalers for my “exercise induced” asthma, it hurts too much to breath when I run and it’s colder than like…40 degrees. I think it’s a timing issue of how much time before I run I need to take it.

Last time I ran outside I took it right before heading out. When I got home it felt like I had breathed in fire. I laid on the couch for a good 20 minutes, writhing in pain,  with blankets on my chest trying to warm my lungs up…or something. I might have just taken a 15 minute nap instead but no one was paying attention to me to prove otherwise.

Ideally the pool would be better since I haven’t been putting in the yardage I would like but I’ll take running over nothing. Something is always better than nothing over long holiday weekends and consuming large amounts of food and not as large amounts of alcohol. Or maybe it is large amounts of alcohol but who’s keeping track?

Not Penny.


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