11.21.13: So happy tomorrow is Friday

Another day of missing a morning workout, another long day at work, and another day of almost losing ambition to work out. I finally did make it to the gym tonight (I skipped Tuesday and Wednesday) but could barely find the motivation to do a real workout. I swam – 1500 yards – and then cramped up miserably, which I usually do when I swim in the evenings. I gave up and was going to head to the gym floor to do a quick run and lift…until I cramped up again in the locker room.

I managed to work it out and ran a fast 2 miles on the treadmill. Then I said screw it and came home to have cookies for dinner.

I just can’t swim in the evenings. I cramp up so badly. I think it’s because of the shoes I wear during the day more than anything else. But I’m not planning on changing my footwear anytime soon. So I know I need to be better about swimming in the mornings and focusing on running, biking, and weight training in the evenings.

To sum it up: just not a good workout day.

And with that, Penny and I sleep and get ready for the next day.


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