11/19/13: It’s only Tuesday

One of the constants in life, which ironically is not constant, is that plans change. And without a doubt it is frustrating when it happens. But the fact that plans change in a meaningful and connected way restores my faith in a God who has bigger plans for me.


On Sunday, I planned on working out every night this week because I wouldn’t be able to go in the mornings. I have to be at work early every day this week.

Today, I decided to go home and skip my workout. It was a long day, it’s going to be a long week, I didn’t want to swim alone, and I just wanted to be at home with my loves. 


On Monday, I planned on swimming 3,000 yards and getting a weight training session in.

When I got to the gym, I swam just under 2,000 yards, did a 3-mile run, and only got halfway through my weight training. Still good, but not what I had planned.


This morning when I woke up, and saw the new followers my blog had gained, I vowed to be more committed to blogging. Especially my quick posts during the week. So today, I planned on blogging about how big of a jerk I was when I was circle swimming yesterday at the pool. Because really, it’s a funny story.

Instead, I’m here, appreciating what I have in my life. Today I heard news that made me look at my life and be thankful that my plans changed today. Because if I had not decided to come home , I would not have talked to my sister, I would not have heard her story, and I would not have had time to be thankful and grateful and blessed with my humble life: with my love, my loving family, many loving friends, and a job I enjoy that helps me meet my needs and fulfill my wants.


So today, I am being thankful that it is ONLY a Tuesday, and that I may use this unplanned rest day to relish in what I have.




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