Typical workday

Here’s what a typical work day is like for me.

5:00am. Begin hitting snooze.
5:14am. Finally get out of bed, eat breakfast.
5:35am. Realize I’ve spent too much time on Facebook and am now running late.
5:45am. Run out the door for the gym.
6:00am. Jump in the pool. No… slide slowly in the pool because it’s early and too damn cold.
7:00am. Done swimming, get ready for work.
8:00am. Get to my car before the free parking at the meters end and the parking cops come to ticket me.
8:35am. Finally get to work, grab my coffee at Caribou, and hunker down for the day.

Work all day…


Just kidding. I work in an office and Penny can’t come.

5:00pm. Leave work.

6:00pm. Meet Dylan at the gym for workout #2 (not everyday, but most days).

6:10pm. Start evening run. Maybe a bike. A little weight training. Maybe a swim if we stay longer at the gym and hot tub it after.

7:00-8:00pm. Finally home. Start dinner, pack for the next day and enjoy a few quiet minutes with my two loves.



9:45pm. Bed. Repeat tomorrow.


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