Sunday 10.20.13

Dylan and I spent the weekend up at the cabin. We initially wanted to go up to Madeline Island to visit their fall festival, bike around the island, and play with my fancy camera I have but don’t know how to use. When we found out the weather was predicting snow, we changed biking to hiking and planned to pack warmer clothes.

We woke up to a hard rain on Saturday morning and almost canceled our plans, but decided to risk it and hoped it would clear up. When we got up to Bayfield, the sky had cleared up and it looked like it would be a good day to bet outside.


We got to the island, and we walked off the ferry and in to the festival. Half a block later we walked out of the festival. Then it started raining. We stopped at the visitor center and were told the festival was taking place down the whole main street. After we grabbed lunch, we starting walking down the main street… and literally saw no one else. If there were any other festivities, everyone else had said screw it and packed up for the day.

We put in some effort and tried to take a walk around. We did find an old Indian cemetery on the island. Which was interesting for about 10 seconds.



But after a few hours, we were cold and wet and we went home. On our ferry ride back to Bayfield, and cruised by a big storm that we luckily avoided.


So we spent the rest of the weekend curled up on the couch, with the fireplace going and a marathon of Modern Family on the TV. Dylan and I don’t have TV anymore so it was really awesome to just veg out with some wine and good food.

But now we are back home, back to reality,  and spent the night getting ready for tomorrow and the week. Dylan is going to try out morning workouts, so we spent some time talking about our workout plan for the week and packing our gym bags for the morning. Tomorrow is a double workout day for both of us, so I had to pack both swimming and running gear. I ended up packing indoor and outdoor running gear because I will probably make a last minute decision as to where I’ll be running.


Off to bed for the both of us now. Someone has been alone all weekend and is in desperate need for attention.



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