Wednesday 10.9.13 Morning Post

Penny and I are both working from home today. She is busy guarding the house:


And I am getting ready to dig in to employee training processes:


I know my second screen is blue. I’m to lazy to go buy a new cord.

Even though I could have chosen to sleep in because I was working from home, I still went and swam at Masters this morning. It was a tough 3000 yards, but after I got home and plugged it in to my Speedo Pace Club log, found out I had hit another achievement! I’ve now swam the length of the Thames River in England, which is 378,390 yards. I’m over that in terms of yardage, but still pretty cool to hit that achievement.


SPC is really great for that. Although I have my map, I get little achievements and awards every time I hit a milestone. If you click on the link above it should take you to my pace club page and you can see everything there.

Alright, time to dig on to work. Happy hump day!


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