Thursday 9.26.13

Now that I’m done training for a triathlon, my focus has shifted back to swimming, competing, and getting Top 10 times in some of the sprint distances, for both Minnesota Masters and national Masters (a girl can dream right?). To do that I told myself I would get in the pool on non master swim days and do shorter workouts that focused more on strokes other than freestyle. So butterfly, backstroke, and breastatroke.

Well today was the first day I actually did that. And I’ve had these intentions for about a month now. Either way it was a hard but good workout, and I clocked another mile towards my goal. I’m definitely weak in these other strokes, and I can feel my asthma more when I’m swimming them, but I’m hoping as I get stronger and develop more endurance those three strokes will feel easier.

On another note, Dylan has been trying to lose weight and get back in shape for about a month or so now, so we have drastically changed what we eat. Being the supportive and loving girlfriend that I am, I’ve been right there with him, working out at the gym when he goes and eating (mostly) the same meals. Minus the fact that I inhale large amounts of cookies, it’s one in the same.

So our meals have been largely lots of veggies, fruits, and protein, and it’s been challenging the way I cook meals for the two of us. But it also means no more pasta. Or very little pasta. And I freaking love spaghetti.


So with Dylan out of the house tonight, I had a friend over and made one of the world’s heaviest pasta dishes ever. And it was wonderful and delicious and I think I ate my body weight in pasta. But we had celery for a side so we were good.


And with that, Penny and I are off to bed. My hands get sore trying to blog on my phone. And I need to get up early tomorrow for practice.



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