Tuesday: Quick Post

No swimming for me today or tomorrow because of work. As a training coordinator/event planner (I don’t even know what to call myself) I need to be at my events bright and early for setup and prep. So today I got to the office around 7, stayed until 6, and will be getting up nice and early again to be in the office by 7am.

After a long day, all I wanted to do was lay on my bed. Literally lay there and pet Penny all night. It’s what I had started doing too. Luckily Dylan had the motivation to get out and actually go for the bike ride we had talked about earlier today. It’s always nice to have company. It also gave us some time to check in with each other and find out how our days went. We both are having pretty stressful weeks so it’s nice to be able to talk and work out some of that frustration at the same time, without resorting to other vices.

The problem is… biking isn’t swimming so I’ll have some catch-up to do this weekend. Luckily it’s a relatively quiet weekend and I’ll be able to get some yardage in. Including Sunday morning when I do the swim portion for a team triathlon.

Off to bed for me. No picture of Penny to end the post because she was extremely boring today.

Or you can enjoy an old one of her:



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