Monthly Update: August 2013

I know – we’re already into September and it’s a few days late, but who cares? I finally found some time to sit down at a real computer and do this. Blogging from your phone is hard, and it’s just impossible to do these monthly updates from my phone. I mean, I have an Excel spreadsheet that does these calculations for me.

august monthly summaryLooking at the table, I know I am way behind on my yardage (I’m not even a fifth of the way towards completing my goal), but since I’m no longer training for a triathlon, I can shift my focus back to swimming. Training for the triathlon that I did a few weeks ago really took me away from swimming, since I needed to focus more on the biking and the running. By getting back into swimming this way, it’s almost like being back in high school again, getting ready for the swim season. When are the meets going to be, what events am I going to swim, what am I going to focus on…so many things to get excited about.

In terms of general “fitness”, the goals for the next 8 months (September – April) are to:

  • Get in the pool at least 4 times a week (working towards my overall goal, and getting ready for racing)
  • Weight training at least twice a week (general strength training, and because I want to be ripped)
  • Running at least twice a week (cross-training and because it’s fun)

And maybe yoga once a week? I need to stretch more, seriously. Like, it would be nice to be able to do this:

The splits: something I’ve never done before.

Or even better, be able to do this:

Another thing I’ve never been able to do. And is this the same guy in both pictures??

Long day, short post. Wrapping this up now.

Until next time, here’s the daily picture of Penny:



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