Triathlon tomorrow!

I know it’s been a few weeks since my last update but it’s been a busy two weeks getting used to the new job, the new commute, and the boy moving in. Last time I posted I know I talked about a big brick that I did, and that ended up being my last big bike-run brick…just over two weeks ago.

Training didn’t stop though, despite the new changes, because the triathlon was still coming! So the past two weeks have been a great opportunity to taper and recover. I’m too lazy to write down my workouts for the past two weeks (I’m on my phone writing this) but swims have been around 2400 yards, bikes around an hour, and runs between 4-4.5 miles… with the exception of a 6.5 mile run last week.

So here I am, the night before the race, getting out one quick blog post before I go to sleep. Getting ready tonight made me feel like a kid again; spending Friday night getting ready for a big swim meet. Except now I’m an adult, responsible for only myself, getting ready for a triathlon.


Tomorrow I’ll follow up with the results of the race, next steps (meaning, getting back on track with my swimming work) AND my most recent recipe.

Until tomorrow… here’s a picture of Penny not helping me.



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