Sunday 8.11.13 – Update

The boy and I are in La Crosse, WI this weekend for my best friends wedding. I’ve written before about how I struggle to squeeze in workouts on the weekends and weddings are no exception. Especially when you are part of the bridal party. People go out the night before, the day of requires an early morning start, and the day after is usually pretty painful. This wedding was no exception-all three of those things happened. But I think I lucked out that our bride let us have a relatively late start to our day, which gave me time to get a run in Saturday morning before the festivities began. A nice 4 mile run at a faster than normal pace. I’m spacing on what those runs are called. Oops.

Either way: Heather and Ian, you had a beautiful wedding and I’m so happy I got to be a part of it. Everything went off without a hitch, which is exactly how you should start your marriage together.


And I’m so glad this is the only picture of us I got on my phone all night.

But look how good the boy and I clean up…and when somebody professional does my hair and makeup!


Anyway on to my update. Last week was my last week of work at the U of M, and I worked (very) part time in the mornings while taking the afternoons at home to wrap things up before starting at Medtronic on Monday (tomorrow!). Because of this schedule I was able to commit good chunks of time to nice long workouts, including a solid bike-run brick. It gave me a chance to test out other race day fueling options and to figures out what exactly my body needed after working out that hard (e.g. after that long brick). I’ve been struggling with my post workout nutrition needs and have been getting a little sick and sore afterwards.

It was nice to have that time to commit to those long workouts; I really needed it to feel mentally prepared for my triathlon in less than 2 weeks. I had been feeling unprepared but after my brick the other day I feel ready. However, I won’t be able to have that at Medtronic and will need to commit to a more structured work schedule and need to figure out a new workout routine (again). Here is what I did last week in terms of workouts:

Monday: swim, 3300 yards.
Tuesday: run, 5.91 miles (painful painful painful!)
Wednesday: swim, 2800 meters or 2953 yards. I swam in a meter pool that day and needed to convert.
Thursday: 23 mile bike – 5.7 mile run brick. Audiobook on the bike, felt great on the run. Mentally ready for my triathlon after this!
Friday: no workout. Went out Thursday night for a good bye party at work.
Saturday: 4.2 mile run pre-wedding festivities.
Sunday (today): recovery day. In more ways than one.

Looking at my calendar, here are my goals for this next week. This will be interesting considering the new job and not knowing the expectations quite yet but we will see what happens!

Monday: morning swim, evening run.
Tuesday: morning and evening bike ride.
Wednesday: morning swim, evening run.
Thursday: morning bike ride. Probably no evening workout because of plans that night.
Friday: morning swim. No evening workout.
Saturday: possibly another bike-run but probably not.  In that case,  a nice long (lonely) run.

Very ready for this triathlon to be done with so I can go back to focusing on swimming.

Until next week…


Here’s a picture of Penny creeping.


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