Sunday 7.28.13 – Update

This week has been a bad week for training…which is what I’ve been saying basically the entire month of July. While I have many good intentions of getting up and working out, or doing two-a-day workouts…it just hasn’t been happening. Between work, job interviews, and full weekends, my schedule has gotten pretty messed up. I’ve skipped mornings, I’ve skipped my second workout, and I’ve taken rest days on days that aren’t meant to be rest days. Sometimes its to catch up on sleep, sometimes it’s to get a normal amount of sleeps (like at least 6 hours…), but most of the time it’s to just get the regular, day-to-day stuff, done. Like work, cooking, cleaning, balancing my checkbook, paying bills. And interviewing for new jobs really did throw a wrench in things. Moral of the story: I’m not at the mileage for biking and running that I need to be for my triathlon, I’ve had to cut back on my swimming and am not progressing towards my 2,000,000, and overall – I’m just frustrated.

At the beginning of the week – on Sundays – I always have the best intentions to plan my workouts, spend a little bit of time each evening making my lunch of the next day, and packing my bags so that it makes mornings easier. Today isn’t any different – I’ve put into my calendar when I’ll be working out and what I’ll be doing, and I wanted to put my lunch together for tomorrow before I went to sleep tonight. However – I started writing this blog post too late, and I have to leave soon to go pick up the boyfriend at the airport – and his flight has gotten delayed, so they’re landing later than originally planned.

Life happens, and my plans don’t.

Anyway, today is a new day and by getting a new job, means the start of a new chapter. I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, with the note that I am going to work on making this blog better (and be more active with it!) now that I have more time – starting with sticking with the plan! Or sort of sticking with the plan.

So here is this week’s plan:


AM Swim (Masters; 2500-3000 yards)


PM Open water swim (1200 yards), followed by long run (~6 miles)


AM Long bike ride (25-30 miles)


PM Run (4-6 miles)


AM Swim (Masters; 2500-3000 yards)


AM Bike/run brick

And with that…I’m off to finish laundry, run to the airport, pack my lunch, and pack my bag for tomorrow!


The daily Penny pic.

The daily Penny pic.



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