Tuesday 5.14.13

Started the day with a 14.5 mile bike ride outside. My road bike is old and heavy, but sturdy as a beast. It’s the worst to train with. I want a new bike so badly, and the thought of charging my card for a new bike is super appealing. However, I’m so close to paying off my credit card debt that I’ll just suck it up a little longer. I might just be doing my races with this old biddy this year.


I love coming home after morning workouts. I love not packing my clothes for the next day, I love showering at home, I love having all my stuff in one place, knowing I didn’t forget anything because its all there!

I hate that indulging in this means I get to work after 9. Normally that would be fine, but I like to pull summer hours so that I can either duck out early on Fridays or just not go in at all. It also would be fine because it used to be that working late meant avoiding traffic and a quick drive home.

So indulging in coming home this morning means I didn’t leave work until 6 tonight. You would think that meant I avoided traffic, but….no. Traffic is apparently 3:00-7:00 in Minneapolis. Every. Single. Day. I’m over working late to avoid traffic. It does nothing but make my day super long.

I went to the pool for a quick evening swim tonight. I swam a broken mile (1,650 yards) followed by a 400 cool down. My broken mile was faster than I normally have done: 23:30. I’d love to see myself drop it to under 21 before I do a race.

Tomorrow is morning swim and evening run. I also have all my errands I didn’t do today and the errands I need to do tomorrow. So off to bed, and no coming home after morning swim. I’ll have to just suck it up soon anyway. I plan on cancelling my parking pass at work for the summer, and will either bike into work or will have to park 3/4 of a mile from the office. So definitely no getting ready at home in the morning anymore.

I have no idea how I’m going to bike to work with all my stuff. So much coordinating. I do it all day long; I hate doing it off the clock.

Oh well…that’s something for my to-do list this weekend.


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