Weekend workouts suck. Always.

Warning: I wrote this on my phone. Forgive any grammatical errors; I’m trying this out.

It’s 8:30 in the morning on. Saturday. I didn’t swim yesterday, so I am going to go in and swim today. I really don’t want to; I’ve been having problems breathing when I swim. The doctors think its exercise induced asthma, but the inhaler really isn’t helping. It’s not so bad when I bike or run, but when I swim it feels like I’m drowning. It might feel the worst when I’m swimming because instead of constantly breathing, I’m constantly holding my breath. So I’m currently using Penny to help me avoid the pool.


I also made the mistake of getting up earlier than I needed to. The swim team practices from 8-9; I wasn’t going to make it to that practice because we stayed up until 1 and wanted to sleep more than 6 hours. So I planned to get to the pool around 9 to get my swim in. So I woke up at 8…but now I’m diddling around waiting to leave. I cuddled with Penny and took a lot of selfies…like the pic above. I always feel a little weird taking selfies, but I figure if I’m going to take selfies, might as well look at the camera, because its way better than if I was taking a selfie and looking away all mysterious.

Also, look how much my cat likes crumbs:



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