Traveling and Working Out…or Training. Whatever you want to call it.

With swimming being my first sport, continuing to train – or work out – is the hardest thing when you travel. Either the place you are going doesn’t have a pool you can swim laps in, or the place you are at just doesn’t have a pool. This is extremely frustrating for me, especially now that I’ve been swimming so much. I’m traveling this week for work, and will be missing almost an entire week’s worth of swimming – that’s probably about 3-4 miles that I’m missing out on, and every mile and every day counts. I’m already farther behind than I should be in reaching the 2,000,000 yard mark.

But one of the reasons for this project was to make exercising a priority – so I need to exercise even when I can’t swim. Thus – my running shoes. But even this can be hard. Sometimes, the trip is so short there’s no point in packing everything – ESPECIALLY if it’s on a weekend. If you’ve learned anything about me, I’m a failure at working out on the weekends. I like to have a few drinks, I like to sleep in, I like to join in the festivities on the weekends. So no – I don’t want to wake up and go for a run, or a swim, or a bike, early in the morning just so I can partake in afternoon festivities. I just want to sleep in because gosh darn it, I wake up at 5 every other day of the week.

But other times trips taken are actually business trips, like the one I’m currently on. Business trips mean early days and long days. Plus, I don’t sleep well on the road, so that makes it harder as well – who wants to wake up at 5:30 when it takes you until 1:30 to fall asleep?

Not I.

But the idea of running 6.2 miles of an Olympic-distance triathlon is terrifying – I’ve only run 6 miles ONCE in my lifetime. And the fear of failure is a good motivator to get my ass running again. So while I quietly am frustrated at not being able to swim, I can make do with running. It’s a fickle beast training for two opposing goals like swimming two million yards and training for a triathlon. While I enjoy both, one of them takes me away from what I need to be doing.


Today, I ran two separate runs – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. You might be asking, what about the trouble you have sleeping on the road? I’ll be honest – I have sleeping pills. I bought them at Target, but I only take half the dosage – just enough to relax me and help me fall asleep. And it works wonderfully. Do I recommend it? No. Is it the truth? Most definitely. Do I hope someday this isn’t the case? Always.

I remember a couple friends talking about training for a marathon once, and the one friend told the other friend that sometimes splitting up a longer run into two separate ones works just the same – the point is to get the distance in. So that’s what I did – I ran a total of 5.5 miles today, split evenly between two runs. It worked out really well today because I had limited time this morning but plenty of time this afternoon before I had to go to dinner – and it felt GREAT both times I was out. I think the massive amount of swimming and cycling classes I’ve been doing the past two months has really improved my endurance, and it seems to be translating well into running. As much as I love running, it is definitely not my strong sport out of the three. Neither is bicycling, but no matter. I think I just hate bicycling whereas I love running but suck at it.

I’m in Philadelphia traveling this week, and am staying in a hotel downtown. I’ve only seen bits and pieces of one Rocky movie (I don’t even know which one), but my boyfriend was very excited because it’s pretty close to the famous scene where Rocky runs up a large set of stairs and is victorious at the top. I think it’s the first movie, but I could be wrong. Either way, they’ve erected a statue, which is at the base of the art museum downtown. I took my phone with me this morning (wasn’t sure if I would get lost) and snapped this lovely picture to send him (he was very excited).

Good morning, Philadelphia!

Good morning, Philadelphia!

Tomorrow morning, my goal IS a one-time longer run – I have a late evening tomorrow night and won’t be able to get a second run in.

And yes – I ran up the steps, just like Rocky.

No – I did not jump victoriously. There was a running group there doing sets of stairs. I didn’t need to look more awkward than I normally do.


2 thoughts on “Traveling and Working Out…or Training. Whatever you want to call it.

  1. When we travel overseas, we almost always turn in early enough so I can get a good night’s sleep and still wake up around 7am for a morning run. That’s even with a proper pub crawl the afternoon/evening before! I think it has to do with the hostels where we stay, when lights-out and quiet time at 10pm is pretty serious and there aren’t TVs to just zone out to. At a hotel in the US, you can stay up until all hours, and then rising early is tough!

    • Morning runs would definitely be easier if I had an enforced bedtime – for example, like when I visit my older sister. With two daughters under two, their bedtimes (the little girls and my sisters) are both pretty early – which makes it pretty easy for me to fall asleep and wake up early! I think my body is just start to acclimate to the weird hours – late to bed, early to rise. I think at this point 6 hours of sleep is sufficient. Until the weekend rolls around and I can “catch up” on some hours!

      Plus caffeine always helps – I like a little jolt before I workout!

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