Day 1 – 7 moves, 6 pack, 30 days

OK, for starts – my Pinterest board with all my exercise pins.

Today would be uhm – well day 4 since I started on Sunday. I didn’t do it on Monday, so today is the LEGIT first day that I tried this exercise pin out. And yes, I did go swim early this morning (2,750 yards).

This is my overall feeling on this exercise:

I would say this one is definitely worth pinning for later and/or adding to your routine. But here’s my experience with it, and how I’ll be modifying it.

They recommend doing the 7 moves (some are repeated three times, some are repeated only twice) two to three non-consecutive days of the week. So this works out well with my MWF “lifting” routine. The whole thing took me about 30 minutes to complete to start to finish – it’ll probably take me less time next time because I won’t be flopping around trying to figure out how to do things. Instead of repeating one move three times, then the next move, I went through all 7 moves, then repeated all 7 moves, then did the 3 moves that are repeated a third time – so moved cyclically through the moves so that I wasn’t getting sore from just repeating 1 exercise.

I didn’t have a “plank” for Move 2, so I just alternated between 2-hand and 1-hand planks, holding for 3-5 seconds. Your wrists get sore. Just a warning.

Move 3 was a b****. It says to start with 10 pound weights. LIES. I started with 5. On the second round, I moved to 4. On the final round, I did 3 and will be sticking with that.

This sucked.

Move 4 was also a b****. It’s better if you read the instructions and see they want you to hold the leaning position, but your quads are going to burn like fire.

This sucked too. I felt it all in my legs, none in my abs.

At first, I was intimidated by Move 6, mostly because I didn’t think I had the coordination to pull it off. But it was actually my favorite one out of all 6.

  1. Terrifying on paper, not bad in real life.


Afterwards, I did a quick 1.25 mile run on the treadmill, and then did some arm weights.

So I feel like I have to document progress on this exercise, so here’s Day 1 – baseline. I’ll post pictures each week for the next month.

Oh hey, scoliosis.

Oh hey, scoliosis.

Then I came home to tackle my dessert challenge: Day 4 of birthday cake. Don’t worry, I ate the corner piece with all the frosting balloons. It was delish.

I'm saving the misspelled name corner piece for last.

I’m saving the misspelled name corner piece for last.


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