Reasons We Use Pinterest

You can lie to yourself and say you use Pinterest for all the awesome arts and crafts ideas, and for all the “life hacks” and beautiful photos and inspirational outfits and quick-and-easy exercise pins that are out there.

But let’s be honest, everyone uses Pinterest for dessert. Desserts you want to have, but you can’t have.

How many times have you been on Pinterest, and you pin an exercise link…and then pin a link for cookie-brownie-covered-in-marshmallow-dipped-in-ice-cream dessert? Or you pin those really “healthy” desserts because you f***ing love dessert, but you really just want to be healthy?

Because that’s how I use Pinterest.

I could eat cake all day, every day.

This morning as I was waiting for D to wake up, I pinned a pin titled 7 moves for 6 pack abs in 30 days followed immediately by pinning a pin titled Better than Sex Chex Mix. And then had the brilliant idea to test out the exercise pins…right along with the dessert pins.

So starting this week, I’m going to test a new exercise each month, and try to test at least 2 desserts over the course of the same month. While ideally I would test a new dessert each week, that seems like a really hard commitment and right now – I think I’m the only one that will be eating dessert.

This probably isn’t a fair challenge as D is trying to lose weight, but I have coworkers that’ll eat this s*** up.

So for April – I will be testing the 7 moves for 6 pack abs in 30 days, and my first dessert will be Better than Sex Chex Mix.

I won’t lie, I probably had the seed planted because I spent a good part of my Friday on the Pintester. So anytime you want to collaborate, Pintester, let me know.


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