Sunday January 20, 2013

Oofda. My last post was 2.5 months ago – major failure on my part. But only when it comes to blogging – I’ve been extremely successful in working towards my goal. So in trying to keep to my 2013 goals (all currently in my head and not documented) – I’ll get this post up by the end of Sunday night, keep it short and sweet, and to the point!

Since August (when I started keeping track of my workouts – the month of the triathlon) I’ve swam 57 miles, biked 73 miles (at the Y on a stationary bike, but still counts), and ran 140 miles. I started keeping track of workouts AFTER I started keeping track of swim yardage, so that swims that have been part of tracked workouts don’t equal the swim yardage I can actually report.

Since the middle of October, I’ve been consistently going to master’s practice at 6am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and getting to the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a bike/run/lifting combination. In working towards the swim around Lake Superior, I’ve swam 74 of the 1,112 miles needed to get around the lake.

This week, I’ve swam 5.1 miles, biked 6.66, and ran 7.25 miles, and changed my routine slightly – MWF practice, Tuesday run and a Thursday swim. The Thursday swim was added in preparation for the swim meet I signed up for, coming up next Sunday! Having signed up for a breaststroke event, I decided I needed to throw in a few swims to get my body a little used to breaststroke again. It’s been a long time since I raced, and a long time since I’ve swam hard breaststroke. During practice, I will typically stick to freestyle to make sure I get the yardage in before the end of practice – plus, most of the sets just don’t work for breaststroke, and with my lane partners, it doesn’t work well either. But after some reflection (and some quick math) decided this change was good, for a number of reasons:

  1. Even swimming three times a week, at ~1.75 miles per swim, the math still doesn’t add up to to hit the 2,000,000 yards by the time I’m 30. I need to start upping my yardage/mileage per week so that I’m not scrambling at the end.
  2. If you do the math, 2,000,000 yards is actually 1,136 miles – and the map I created on Speedo Pace Club around Lake Superior is actually 1,112. So I have an additional 24 miles to hit BEFORE I actually get to the 2,000,000 yards. I think it’ll just up end up swinging my way around that map.
  3. If I do end up transiting to 2-a-days – which I want to because I enjoy it – it works out well to swim all mornings, and do runs/bikes/lifting in the evening (hopefully with the boy as a partner)

Workouts have been a little hard this week, mostly because there’s a lot of pressure at work, and I’ve not been getting a lot of sleep. There’s a lot less motivation to get to the gym early in the morning when I know I have an extra long day ahead. However, I pulled a 2-a-day on Friday (swim in the morning, run in the afternoon) and I realized how much I miss that – I had moved up to that with the triathlon training by July/August. The run was great – outdoors since the temperature outside was about 41 degrees – and it really motivated me to push myself to get outdoors again, even though it’s cold.

And then what happened? Oh, right, the forecasted high for tomorrow is about -10. Yup, guess who is NOT going outside for that run tomorrow. I don’t really nearly far or fast enough to even get close to warming up in that kind of weather.



One thought on “Sunday January 20, 2013

  1. Gross. I was going to run this morning too, but then the wind chill is below -40??? No. I may not even go to the bookstore today, let alone ever leave my house.

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