Tuesday October 2, 2012

Today was my second swim practice with the Master’s team – Sunday being the first. I walked into the pool on Sunday, thinking practice was going to be an hour long (that’s what it is Monday-Friday).

Nope, it was a 2 hour practice.

Originally (when I thought it was an hour) I had dinner plans at 6. I had to bike home, grab the crockpot, and be over to the boys’ place by 6 for dinner.

I stayed in the pool for an extra half hour than I intended, and practiced for an hour and a half, and it was amazing. 3600 yards (2 miles) later, and I couldn’t believe I had waited this long to jump in with the master’s team. Well, I could – I had my paper at the time – but it made such a huge difference to be surrounded by other people, just trying to make it through a workout. Although I jumped out early, I managed to make it to the boys’ by 6:30 – and even had to wait while the rest of dinner was finished up.

The plan now is to keep going to practice, regardless of the fact that I’ve discovered new muscles, and every movement I make hurts. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – practices are 6-7a. Tuesday and Thursday – practices are 9:30-10:30a. While there are evening practices Monday, Wednesday, Friday, my bible study on Wednesday would prevent me from going, and I want to be as committed to morning workouts/morning swims as I can.

I didn’t make it to Monday practice. Which might end up being a regular occurrence. To be able to get my work hours in, and get to practice, means a 5:15/5:30 wake-up everyday. And Sunday night, we were just up too late for me to get up and jump in a cold pool. It worked out well for me, though. My body was so incredibly sore, I’m not sure I could have made it through practice.

Today was a 9:30 practice, which means I worked from 6-8:30, got to the pool, worked out, then made it to work and was out of the office by 5…for my second swim. Before this past summer, I was meeting regularly with some girl friends for an after-work swim. We took a break over the summer, and have resumed the after-work swim for Tuesday afternoons. It would have meant a double swim regardless of the day, but my total for the day was 4,000 yards (2.72 miles). In the past three days alone, with the Sunday’s and today’s practice, I’ve swam 7,600 yards, or 4.3 miles.

So, I’m finally on my way to a schedule, and looking forward to meets – which I think start in November. It’s taken a few weeks, some normalcy, and a little discipline, but we’re on the way.

Moral of the story: workout with a buddy. You’ll make it, I swear.
Lesson learned: buy a second swimsuit. Drying your suit in the car between swims is only going to work while it’s still warm out.


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