Monday, September 24, 2012

Back to work! After talking about it in my last few posts, it’s official – I am passed and officially done with my master’s! Now to finish up a few requirements, and I’ll have that degree in the mail! I went out afterwards with girlfriends to celebrate, and then spent the weekend celebrating my brother getting married.

Normally, a trip home would mean I would bring my laptop – even if I didn’t end up using it, I brought it home with the intention of catching up on work, or working on my paper.  This time I didn’t, and it was wonderful. Such a relief to have that weight of my shoulders. But it gave me some time to think about what I will do with this freetime – which, if today is any indication, is still non-existent.

Last week, I think I had talked about still working on getting in a workout each day, even over the weekend with my brothers wedding. Well…life happened. And workouts happened on Tuesday and Thursday, and that was it. Everything else was work, practicing for my defense, CELEBRATING my passing, and going to Wisconsin for the wedding. I did in fact bring workout clothes to Wisconsin, fully intending to run Saturday morning.

Well…Saturday morning was 30-some degrees out, I didn’t bring warm enough clothes, and my bed was warm and comfy. So that won.

So starts a new week, and another try at my project. I wish I could count running towards mileage, but that’s cheating. But today was a 4-mile run at the end of a long day. I got a late start on the day, because my boyfriend’s truck wasn’t starting, and so we tried to jump it (and failed). I worked a longer day than normal (and in my opinion, failed at being productive), and then had to run and get groceries. Finally, at 7 – after bringing a ton of random crap down to the basement from the boyfriend’s truck – was heading out for my run. It was 70-some degrees out, and it made for awesome running weather.

Followed by dinner at 8:30…which consisted of eggs and toast. I was too lazy to try anything else. This week will be interesting, since the boy’s truck is in the shop and we’re not sure how things will turn out. Tuesdays were supposed to be the day I swim with girlfriends, but I’ll have to pass on that tomorrow, since I’ll be sharing my car for the next few days or week or so. So if I get in the pool tomorrow, it’ll be around 8? 8:30? Good thing for short, mile-long swims.


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