My full intention with this blog was to do so more often than once a month – which is about what I’ve done so far. But in my defense, it has been the end of summer, and August was a pretty hectic month for me. And this is supposed to be about swimming…and I haven’t done a lot of swimming in the past month. So here’s the recap:

August 12: Triathlon. TONS of fun. Here are my results:
Swim: 8:25
Rank: 38
Transition 1 (swim to bike): 3.21

Bike: 54:50
Rank: 487
Rate: 17.0
Transition 2 (bike to run): :38

Run: 26:05
Rank: 125
Pace: 8:24

Final Time: 1:33:16

August 15-20: Vacation in Seattle and Vancouver.

August 24-26: Cabin Weekend for D’s birthday

August 31-September 3: Labor Day Weekend in Wisconsin (split between my parents and D’s cabin).

So let’s be honest…with all the traveling that was occurring, I was resorting to running because going to the pool was such a commitment – and I was extremely burnt out. I’ve been having trouble coming up with or finding workouts, and the last thing I wanted to do was be in the pool. Work has been extremely hectic, and my master’s defense is coming up in just over a week.

However, I think this really just gets to commitment: commitment to a schedule, commitment to a workout, commitment to a project. The two main issues I’m having are finding the time (and sticking to that time) to get into the pool, and sticking to workouts. So there’s two parts to the solution. Sticking to workouts is easy: continue to use Speedo Pace Club workouts. Most of the workouts are about a mile long, and I can finish those in about 30-40 minutes, meaning I’m also not spending a significant amount of time. They’re broken up into categories, so I can tailor my workout as I want, or I can choose what I want to focus on – for example, endurance, or sprints, or right now, am working through a Triathlon series. Plus, they’re tailored to skill level.

However, finding time and sticking to it is the challenge. There’s pros and cons to working out before and after work.

Pro to before work: I’m done before I’ve even started work
Con to before work: I have to wake up at 6 am. Which I know is actually a normal time for most people, but I’m not really a morning person. Especially when it means jumping into a cold pool, getting a late start at work, and staying later than I would like at work (why can’t the norm be a 5-6 hour day??).

Pro to after work: I don’t have to wake up early.
Con to after work: I’m most likely to drop it because by the end of the day, I’m so mentally exhausted the thought of swimming for 1 – 1.5 miles is exhausting. Especially when the thought that follows is how I then have to cook myself dinner.

So ideally, this all works out. But in reality…always a struggle. Like this week. No swim tomorrow, because I have a full day of work, an appointment with an insurance agent, packing for and preparing for a conference in Duluth, and driving to Duluth. Then a long weekend at the cabin (to work on my master’s presentation) = no swimming. But it also means…more running! I’m at least committed to the work out.

Such is life. Next Monday is a good Monday to start getting in the pool more.


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